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Vogue is a pioneer of Bay Area Graffiti
and a truly talented artist.

Vogue 1AM wall 1024x682 VOGUE TDK

You are one of the few people that can use aerosol in fine art, on relatively small canvas and make beautiful detailed art.  Any comment on your choice to stick with that medium in your fine art career?
“I think that I need to refine spraycan art more, and my ideal is to change people’s view of what graffiti is – or what you can do with a spraycan.  I don’t think Americans know as a whole what can be done with this.  I want to prove that person wrong and give them another view, that when that word (graffiti) comes into their vocab they think of it differently.  And for me to switch up and use a paintbrush would change everything.  I don’t see me using a paintbrush anytime soon.  In fact I threw away all my paintbrushes from years ago… no acrylics, no oil, no watercolor… there’s no reason.  And if I stay with this market, I show other artists that it’s possible to do this, that they don’t have to switch over.  That it is possible to do this with spraypaint.”

“I don’t know if there is much of a separation (between tagging & graffiti art), you can’t take those things away. Or what you have is a college art student going to an art store and buying some spray cans and calling themself a graffiti artist.  It’s like building blocks… tagging is kind of like when you’re in elementary school learning to write the alphabet – you start with that then you gravitate towards other things like throw-ups, and you get this initial high; then either you stick with that or you venture into the art.  But I don’t think you can tear those two things apart.  There’s not a separation in it.  Unless I’m missing something here…”


Heres what you missed at this amazing gallery this past friday night!!

IMGP4996 1024x680 VOGUE TDK

IMGP4999 1024x595 VOGUE TDK

IMGP5000 1024x680 VOGUE TDK

IMGP5016 1024x736 VOGUE TDK







IMGP5003 832x1024 VOGUE TDK

AND heres whats going on outside!!!…

IMGP5022 599x1024 VOGUE TDK

IMGP5002 1024x644 VOGUE TDK


IMGP5020 1024x863 VOGUE TDK

And a little bit of this!!!!!


IMGP5025 977x1024 VOGUE TDK

Stencil Approved!


Vogue is the hommie, Great show!!! If you like show what you see, should visit:

Famous Four Colors

1525 Webster St.
Oakland, CA 94612


KID 594

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