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Wes Rhoe

Mike Brown

DJ Arson

DJ Champino

Rob Witt


Interview with WES RHOE!

1.How long have you been riding for and what got you into it?

Its been nine years and I have always rode bikes since i was kid.My good friend Jeff neeley had a big impact on my riding.I rode with him alot and he built my first bmx bike.

2.What do you like to do on your spare time besides riding?

I like to play my guitar,travel,drink beer,and hang out with my friends.

3.How did you here about 594?

I rode alot with my buddy joey who told me about it and supported them.Then I met my friends Neil and barry who also supported them.That was when I started to find out more about 594.

4.What is your favorite thing to ride?

I like to ride all types of things.But I like to ride spines and to blast hips.I also love to ride dirt.Its that feeling you get flowing through a set of trails.

5.What is something weird that has happened to you?

I was camping with my friends in Sonora and I got a gun pointed at me by a police officer.We went for a drive and then we got pulled over by the cops.The officer told us to roll are windows down and give him our id’s.Once he saw me he pulled his gun out.He was convinced that I was some criminal from town.(laughs).He eventually let us go.It was shocking and funny at the same time.

6.What is your favorite meal?

Pork chops and rice.I love food.I eat alot of mexican food.

7.What are your plans for the future?

Lots and lots of riding.I really want to start traveling more.I want to take a class to learn more about filming and editing.

8.Any thanks?

For sure.I want to thank all of my friends and family for supporting me and for everything they have done.I also want to thank Kid for everything that he has done for me.I know were going to have some great times in the future with 594 and Kid.Peace.



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Interview with MICHEAL BROWN!

#1. Why do you always have a hat on?
-Cuz i braught sexy back 4 times

#2. Have you ever hooked up with a co-worker? and if so where?
-to answer that question i have to ask which time
dressing room

#3. why do you drink mault liquor?
-shits good

#4. What is your favorite hood drink?
-purple draaaaankk

#5. How long have you had your nose ring?
-38 years

#6. Would you ever kiss me (Britney)?
-already have…

#7. Have you ever kissed a male?
- no homo!!! ON THE WEEKENDS

#8. What kind of car do you drive?
-the bart train

#9. What is your favorite clothing company?
- 594 bitches


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Biography of DJ Arson:

“Somewhere around 1998 DJ ARSON aka EL CAMINO ROCK bought one Numark
tt-18 belt drive turntable , and a basic Numark two channel dj mixer
for 160$ from a local dj/car audio shop not too far from his East Bay
home in Northern California.

Close to 10 years later , DJ ARSON has played almost every venue in
Northern California and headlined numerous shows in Southern
California. Through his series of “Trail of Destruction” tours , he has
shared the stage with legendary artists like Grandmixer DST, R.A.W. ,
Enduser , Hive , Deiselboy, Dara, Soul Majestic , Tester , General
Malice , Saber , Retna , and countless other world renowned Reggae ,
Hip hop , and Drum & Bass Dj’s, Bands , Artists & Performers at venues
like Konkrete Jungle in NYC , The Snakepit in Denver , LIQUID in Las
Vegas , SEEN in Phoenix , and The Brickhouse in Boston for the Annual
Ragga-Jungle Explosion.

DJ ARSON’s eclectic selection has played a strong role in gaining him a
reputable name in the local Reggae and Hip Hop scenes , as well as the
world famous San Francisco Drum & Bass scene , of which he has been a
staple in since 1998.

For the last few years , His musical focus has been strongly aimed at
Reggae Music. With a slew of classic mixes , and some exclusive remixes
, He has humbly earned headlining honors at many prestigous Reggae
clubs & events in California.

Recently adding Logic8 and Serato to his arsenal , DJ ARSON, who has
taken on the alias EL CAMINO ROCK for Dubstep ventures , is proving
that he is a veteran that can still stay on top of the game….”

Pictures of Arson:

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DJ Champino

Full Biogrpahy coming soon!

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Rob Witt

Who Is Rob Witt?

Rob Witt is an international cinematographer currently living in Los Angeles, CA. With his sense for light, color, camera movement, composition and beauty he has designed a high stylized and striking visual style. Rob has worked with such artists as Justin Bieber, 30 Seconds to Mars, Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, etc.


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