Printing 594

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Hello Students…. I know its Back To School….So heres todays Lesson!!!, Printing 101.. Creating a garment is not as easy as it seems… so take some quick notes but you will not be tested on this…. 

blanks1 e1282922275252 225x300 Printing 594

Shirley our cut and sew seamstress Bangs out the jackets and delivers them so we can get them ready for Press @ PeoplesChiocePrinting. 

negative1 e1282922331125 225x300 Printing 594

Negatives measured correctly for burning on to silkscreen.

silkscreen e1282922382982 225x300 Printing 594

Once the negative is burned on to the screen……

Heres what a silkcreen looks like held by Malik(5’10,Business owner,Scorpio,Loves to Travel,BS degree in Business,Loves Dogs,from Oakland Ca. and loves long walks on the beach) LOL

press e1282923171507 225x300 Printing 594

Around, Around we go!!! Automatic press makes the print consistent….

dryer e1282922457768 225x300 Printing 594

Wet Paint needs to by dried, and dried Fast…. You go Sorell!!!

vandals2 600 300x300 Printing 594

Release Date Friday Aug 27 The exclusive Vandals Only Jacket... A limited run for Fall2010 with exclusive color ways on and more colors will be posted in our store Friday Sept 3.

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