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The folks at the usuals are amazing business owners, really down to earth people, please be sure to check out their Boutique… Ask for Marie or Mike… And tell em we sent you…

IMGP0900 300x199 we are THE USUALS

IMGP0886 300x199 we are THE USUALS

IMGP0891 300x199 we are THE USUALS

IMGP0888 300x199 we are THE USUALS


We are a small boutique in San Jose, CA specializing in men’s and women’s everyday apparel and accessories. We host a number of goods from local San Jose makers and encourage support for local arts and small business. Every month we put together an art event featuring local artists. We throw a small party in celebration of each monthly installation! Make sure to sign-up for our event emails, and don’t miss the next party…

IMGP0892 300x199 we are THE USUALS

Thanks Yall for the LOVE!!

by KID594

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