Twin Peaks!!!

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Why visit Twin Peaks? The view, the view, the view. Being almost at the geographical center of San Francisco there is no finer place to see the city than atop Twin Peaks. With it’s panoramic views, Twin Peaks should be a must-stop on every tourist’s list of places to go.

The area also acts as home to an array of natural wildlife, including raccoons, skunks, opossums, white crowned sparrows, redtail hawks and rare looking puppies. Like this bearded 4 legged mammoth. Most importantly, Twin Peaks is only one of three areas that provides a home to the endangered Mission Blue Butterfly. Most of the plant life the Mission Blue Butterfly needs to survive has been destroyed by development, but Twin Peaks has been able to restore and sustain much of this natural plant life, providing a safe place for the butterfly to survive.
Named for it’s two virtually identical summits, Twin Peaks, stands at an elevation of about 922 feet, second highest in San Francisco. Though, best known for it’s viewpoint, Twin Peaks has practical uses as well. The lower portion of Twin Peaks has been developed into a residential community with colorful houses built into the hillside providing optimal views for their residents.

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The top of the hill is littered with a handful of transmission towers, that may not look good from far away, but don’t worry, once you’re up on the summits, you will barely notice they are there. Twin Peaks also houses the Summit Reservoir, a 14 million gallon water hold. The reservoir was built in 1954, and provides drinking water to residents, water for local fire departments, and is a necessary water source to the birdlife in the area.

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Aside from the transmission towers and the reservoir, the top of Twin Peaks has remained undeveloped. This undeveloped portion of Twin Peaks has been slated as a Natural Area, and is preserved by the Natural Areas Program (NAP), a division of the San Francisco Recreation and Parks department. This Natural Area acts as a preserve for native vegetation, allowing indigenous plant life to grow virtually untouched.

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If you have a chance to visit SF…Go to twin peaks…. But beware of the vicious Bearded Mammoth roaming around!!!

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