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So while being in LA we made a quick stop in Santa Monica where our good friends from The Hundreds had their grand opening. I will say that this store is amazing and they did an great ┬ájob putting it together. A very different look compared to their other locations. With an All WHITE EVERYTHING being the theme, the store just made everything else just popped….

IMGP17391 300x199 THSM

IMGP17411 300x199 THSM

IMGP1745 199x300 THSM

They Kept it consistent with sculptures coming out of no where.. Love this touch in all their stores..

IMGP1746 300x199 THSM

IMGP1747 300x199 THSM

IMGP1752 300x199 THSM

A 2 Story Hundreds store? Yup the upstairs is the spot for sittin back, reading the current Hundreds magazine and trying on the latest kicks..

IMGP17551 300x199 THSM

Congratulations Hommies….. Thanks again for the invite…. Had A blast!!!

IMGP1756 300x212 THSM


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