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Ahhh What a beautiful day to go on the SF Roof Tops…. Most people go on roof tops to relax, Sight See, Some BBQ and some Do Art…. Well Josh and I were up there thinkin of some special projects that we might be doin… Your just gonna have to wait and see….

IMAG0497 612x1024 Roofies!!!

IMAG0498 612x1024 Roofies!!!

IMAG0499 1024x612 Roofies!!!

Great view of Downtown from where we were at….

IMAG0500 1024x612 Roofies!!!

IMAG0501 1024x612 Roofies!!!

Josh gets better reception from here….. Oh AT&T……


IMAG0503 612x1024 Roofies!!!

Back on normal grounds…. Gotta love street art… Street art…. Get It!!

IMAG0504 1024x612 Roofies!!!

SFs Finest!!!

KID 594

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