Rockin Crawfish

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MMMMMMMMMM!. This place is great!!!! if you love seafood or ever take a wrong turn on the outskirts of downtown Oakland, this is a must place to go…. Heres what happened in a Craw Shell….

IMAG0100 1024x612 Rockin Crawfish

IMAG0124 612x1024 Rockin Crawfish

Ima Simple man... I always get the Pound of Shrimp with a side a rice...

IMAG0131 1024x612 Rockin Crawfish

Mmmm!! Shrimp and corn marinated in their secret sauce.


IMAG0127 1024x612 Rockin Crawfish

The place was poppin.... With Graffiti everywhere... A place where I fit in!!!


IMAG0132 612x1024 Rockin Crawfish

Chow Down!!!


IMAG0134 1024x612 Rockin Crawfish

Made some friends from the BIG APPLE!!!

IMAG0135 612x1024 Rockin Crawfish

The New Yorker, said lots of hard work but, well worth the taste!!


IMAG0133 1024x612 Rockin Crawfish



IMAG0128 1024x612 Rockin Crawfish

I dont know if i was allowed to write on the outside bench......Oppps!

IMAG0115 1024x880 Rockin Crawfish

Im stealing this bike next time I go back!!!!


Thanks Rockin Crawfish…..



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