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IMGP3461 1024x680 Mr. PEP LOVE!!!Earlier this morning had a meeting at the infamous Hiero Building with the 1 and only PEP LOVE….

IMGP3454 1024x680 Mr. PEP LOVE!!!

Paulo Peacock (born July 17, 1974), better known by his stage namePep Love, is an American hip hop artist and motivational speaker. He is also one of the founding members of the Oakland, California-based underground hip hop collective Hieroglyphics.

Born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi, Pep Love relocated with his family to Oakland, California as a teenager.[1]

Pep Love is a practictioner of Capoeira martial arts[1] and is a vegan.[1]


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Hip Hop Hatin’

I know that rappers have always been competitive which has helped rap to become what it has become over the years. But I’ve noticed a new vanguard group of rap cats in the Bay Area rap scene that seem to beleive that they can hate their way to the top. You got all of these dudes talking about the “vets” in the game and how they are the “new” faces of rap music. As if youth is a skill that they acquired that makes them dope. As if this is what rap has always been about. “It’s our turn” is the unspoken mantra which implies that the so called “vets” should retire. What’s funny about this whole notion is that as one who has been referred to by some of these “new” dudes as a “vet”, I can tell you unequivocally that no one ever cleared any space for me to do this thing that I love. Can I say that again? Love! Because that’s what it is all about. Love! No one ever allowed me to do this or discovered me. It was love for music and hip hop culture that drove me to write rhymes. And the fact that the culture is missing has divided the hip hop community to the point that cats pursue an involvement in rap purely for their own personal ambitions and not for the love of hip hop. Sometimes I’m not even sure if some of these “new” cats even consider themselves to be hip hoppers, or are they just completely doing their own thing. The Brooklyn rapper Lil’ Mama that jumped up on stage during Jay-Z and Alicia Keys’ performance at the MTV VMA’s alluded to a feeling of being hindered or impeded by the elder artists of the music industry when asked about her motivation for making such a public scene by Tyra Banks on her daytime talk show. What was ironic about that is that she seemed to have transferred her frustration with the music industry over to her fellow artist’s. I personally remember when MTV didn’t want to have anything to do with rap music period. And now the artists that once railed against the powers that be in the entertainment industry are going at each other. It’s a shame.

I have recently noticed this mentality rear it’s head in my life as a rapper. I just opened a show in Santa Clara recently that was being hosted by a local rapper. Everyone knows that I am a solo artist. I definitely get by with a little help from my freinds. But I am a solo rap artist. It just so happens that my dude who runs my set for me knew the dude who was hosting the show. I didn’t know that. Nor did I care at the time. But when the guy who was hosting took it upon himself to introduce my boy who runs my set from Serato as the next performer first and threw my name in last as if it wasn’t even my show, I realized that they did know each other. As soon as we got off of the stage I confronted him asked did someone tell him to introduce me like that. He said no of course but he was totally inrepenatent.

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He claimed that he had known my dude who spins my set for years and that’s why he did it. I let him know that it was my show and that my name is Pep Love, and that he had kind of messed up my vibe going on stage. He still really didn’t seem to care. I let it go. I came to find out later that my dude who D.J.’s my set specifically told him to only say my name during the intro when he was asked how he wanted to be introduced. The dude still did what he obviously already had planned in his head. When I found out about that I realized that he didn’t botch my intro because he wanted to big up his freind. He botched my intro because he wanted to cut me down to size. This dude is on that rap battle shit which is really just a hating contest anyway. He looks at me as a “vet” and I’m definitely not his freind so when I added it all up I saw the picture that I am attempting to illustrate here in this blog entry. Hip hop hatin’. We had a rapper/promoter on stage yelling out my name on the mic like I’m late and holding up the show while I’m standing in the back of the club waiting. After he was done with his tirade he jumps off stage and walks directly up to me and asks if I’m ready to perform. I felt like choking him out. After I rip him a new asshole for attempting to make me look stupid he gets back up on the stage and won’t leave. We finally clear the stage and rock the show. But as soon as we get off stage this fucking chump starts inviting every rapper in the venue on to the stage and talking about how he is all about unity. He did that just because I would not allow him and his homey’s who I don’t know and don’t fuck with to stand on the stage while I was performing. Hip hop hatin’.

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Just a heads up….. PEP will be coming out with a new album in the near future……. I was lucky enough to hear some of it, and its gonna be head banger for sure…. Cant Wait….. and on a side note…… for all the PEP and 594 Fans, we might a special little some thing for YALL…..sssHHHHH… Your just gonna have to stay tuned!!!!

Special Shot out to TISE for making things Happen!!!


Thanks for the LOVE PEP!!!!





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