Los Rakas x Adapt PhotoShoot

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IMGP0024 300x199 Los Rakas x Adapt PhotoShoot

Los Rakas “Los Manes del Futuro”
There are groups that come along and change the way we listen, appreciate and connect to music. Hailing from Panama but now residing in California, Los Rakas blends Hip Hop, Reggae and Dancehall music with Spanish and English lyricism creating songs that leaves your head noddin’ and body rockin’ for more. Los Rakas (DunDun and Rico AKA Filthy Rich) tag team the mic with a tenacity reminiscent of Old School veterans in the Hip Hop game, and the energy and passion of the newer artists on the scene. This combination, along with Dj Leydis ensures that they will be on horizon for years to come. Now, Los Rakas share excitement of the soon to be released street album/mixtape, “Panabay Twist 2: La Tanda Del Bus. Displaying just what the people who have seen them already know, Los Rakas are the truth. “La Tanda Del Bus” is sure to be one of the most sought after streetalbum/mixtapes to come out in 2009. On stage Los Rakas leave a trail of eagerly anticipating fans waiting for the next show at each performance.

IMGP0011 300x199 Los Rakas x Adapt PhotoShoot

Evan with Adapt choppin it up with Rich & Dun

Adapt is a clothing company.

We recognize and represent the ideas of positive change and personal advancement.

We love music. We are passionate about aesthetics, concept, and design, and hope to reflect these principles in the garments we product.

IMGP0043 300x199 Los Rakas x Adapt PhotoShoot

The SpaceMan gettin his 3hours of fame!!!

IMGP0014 199x300 Los Rakas x Adapt PhotoShoot

My boy Space acting like he doin something important…. 

IMGP0059 300x199 Los Rakas x Adapt PhotoShoot

Joy From IMG…… Also stepping up to the plate!!!! Go Giants!

IMGP0062 300x199 Los Rakas x Adapt PhotoShoot

And Here I am…….. 

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