Long story Short

Posted on 04/10/12 No Comments

As we head into the future, stories are no longer stories… I use read thru a lot of different blogspots and now everybody’s posts have gotten shorter in words but more with picture telling, With today and tomorrows technology, people tell stories with pictures, Pictures tell a thousand words.”TRUE” ¬†With social media taking over the world it is almost impossible to not have one. “Cant beat em Join em” Every day I at least hit up 1 or 2 social networks, and I’ve made¬†acquaintances/connections throughout the world… Its no longer a 6 degree of separation….Now is this a good or bad thing?.. Who knows, who am I to say…. But all can say is Technology is not going anywhere, So take advantage or get left behind….. And whats the purpose of this blog…. Absolutely nothing just felt like typing…..!!! See you on Tumblr Flickr Facebook Twitter Instagram



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