I’d Rather Be Painting

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Ahhhhh Good OL Metro, The only place in the area that has an indoor ramp…. Met up with Joel and caught an artist at work….. Meet Marcos Lafarga…. working on his fine art….

IMAG0034 1024x449 Id Rather Be Painting

IMAG0008 612x1024 Id Rather Be Painting

Marcos LaFarga

With every letter crafted there is a story being told, and with only 26 of them to augment it takes a deft hand and a designer mind to make them distinct. Born in 1978 in the Bay Area of San Francisco, Marcos LaFarga has been developing his true west design aesthetic right in the epicenter of California creativity. His pedigree is one that runs from the wall and the freight, to a BFA in 2006 from California College of the Arts. It is this diverse background that provides him with the depth to move and merge between otherwise separate visual languages. Marcos focuses his artistry on the intersection of three fundamentals of visual expression, graphic design, typography, and photo realistic renderings, all three which he seamlessly melds to create a united reflection of our contemporary life. With an abundant sense of color value and contrast, a sublime sense of humor, and a sensitivity for the balance our eyes naturally seek; Marcos is creating honest work that effortlessly represents contemporary design and composition. Marcos is always actively seeking that next unique challenge. visit him at http://marcoslafarga.com/

Profile by: Jeben Berg





IMAG0023 1024x612 Id Rather Be Painting

IMAG0036 1024x612 Id Rather Be Painting

IMAG0014 612x1024 Id Rather Be Painting


IMAG0038 1024x622 Id Rather Be Painting

IMAG0035 1024x612 Id Rather Be Painting

Its a small world… Great meeting you…. Hope to do a collab with you soon..



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