Happy Vandaltimes!!!

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Ahhhhh, do you feel the anti love in the air… I love/hate this day…. Not because I dont have a valentine…. I just think its a stupid Hallmark holiday… A day of spending money on dinner,candy,movie and if your lucky a hotel. If anything, you should be doing all that on the first/second date or on your ¬†anniversary. Just my thoughts….. Here @594 we like to spend this day by showing love to public property…. Cant really get into details with that but Im sure you catch my drift!!!

Every year around this time we get bombarded with orders from our No Love Line…. So thank you to all for the orders and support and Happy Valentines Day!!! NOT!!!!

imgp6218 1024x953 Happy Vandaltimes!!!

Players Card Tee

Destroy samle final Happy Vandaltimes!!!

imgp6213 1024x1013 Happy Vandaltimes!!!

Operation Tee

OPERATION  754x1024 Happy Vandaltimes!!!

Rather have Money than Heart. Or you just got love for $....

NoLoveBurg 1024x923 Happy Vandaltimes!!!Enjoy your day……








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