Graffiti on Girls

Posted on 10/04/11 1 Comment

Good Morning world….. Call me weirdo but every once in a while i like to do random google searches of 594, 594apparel, etc…. You get the picture…. Speaking of pictures, Check out whats  on ,this website is pure genius…. If you love women and graffiti this is the website for you…


Heres some random pics compliments of Shriiimp… Check out more on SHRIIIMP

bodypainting graffiti 01 Graffiti on Girls

DSC09942 512x1024 Graffiti on Girls

tumblr lfwtprBwTV1qg7oqso1 400 Graffiti on Girls

tumblr liwxaoVxrB1qis804o1 500 Graffiti on Girls

41792 5896428075 1886 n Graffiti on Girls

Shout out to Shriiimp.Com


KID 594

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  1. Namek says:
    Monday, December 26, 2011 at 9:37am

    Sick as fukn work!!


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