Graff has a DREAM!!!!

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I had the honor to actually meet and paint with Mr Mike Dream!!! I grew up on his street work/Air brushing/ and Tattooing… He was and will always Be A KING…. So, on this day, next to Martin Luther King Day I also Declare it to Be KING DREAM DAY too…. We all Have Dreams so, Lets All Dream BIG but dont sleep!!!

R.I.P. MIke!!!

dream 300x231 Graff has a DREAM!!!!

Exactly forty one years ago today, August 15th 1969, Mike “DREAM” Francisco was born. But instead of what should have been a landmark birthday celebration today, this August 15th is just another sad reminder to those loved ones and friends and fans of the late, great Bay Area graffiti artist of how Mike “DREAM” Francisco’s life was prematurely, senselessly halted nine years ago. On February 17th, 2000 on San Pablo Avenue in Oakland, DREAM was gunned down and killed, the victim of a random street robbery.

Not only was DREAMĀ (or “King Dream,” as he is referred to by many) a gifted and prolific artist, with a passion for hip-hop — having collaborated with countless hip-hoppers, includingHobo Junction over the years — but he was also a most outspoken individual, one concerned about his community, and one never afraid to speak out against the ills of society.

dream1 300x199 Graff has a DREAM!!!!

Dream2 300x238 Graff has a DREAM!!!!

dream taxdollars 300x201 Graff has a DREAM!!!!

Keep The Dream Alive!!!

By KID594

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