Cukui Pho Life

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ESSJ1 300x234 Cukui Pho Life

IN HAWAII, KUKUI is a Candlenut, and the tree from which it grows, is a symbol of enlightenment, protection and peace. Candlenut was considered to be the body form of Kamapua’a, the pig god. IN THE 

MEXICAN-AMERICAN community there is a creature known as “EL CUCUY”. It is a creature that eats children who misbehave when they are told to go to bed…and BLAH BLAH ROOTS BLAH!!

IN THE BAY AREA, CUKUI is us! A bunch of chicanos, south pacific 
islanders, TATTOOers, & GRAFF HEADS.

CUKUI started as a small collaboration between amigos Orly Locquiao, and Sammy Rodriguez. It was officially launched in November 2008 in San Jose, California. Since its inception, Jason Locquiao and others have joined the crew to help Cukui become recognized as a new genre in art and streetwear. 

IMGP0904 300x199 Cukui Pho Life

IMGP0905 300x199 Cukui Pho Life

IMGP0907 300x199 Cukui Pho Life

Leaving our mark across the street…..

IMGP0924 300x199 Cukui Pho Life

If your ever in San Jose Ca. visit Mike, really coo and down to earth person!!! Thanks Mike for the tour!!
IMGP0912 300x199 Cukui Pho Life

By KIKD594

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