A day in SF

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A day in SF… I can truly say that im very lucky to live close to the home of the golden gate bridge, Lombard St, The Giants, Coit Tower, Pier 39… and the list goes on and on!!!! If you are a resident in norcal please dont take advantage of the beautiful city, and be a tourist!

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Here on Haight st. cops have real horse power!!

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Haight Street HISTORY:

Before the completion of the Haight Street Cable Railroad in 1883, what is now the Haight-Ashbury was a collection of isolated farms and acres of sand dunes. The Haight cable car line, completed in 1883, connected the west end of Golden Gate Park with the geographically central Market Street line and the rest of downtown of San Francisco. The cable car, land grading and building techniques of the 1890s and early 20th century reinvented the Haight-Ashbury as a residential upper middle class homeowners’ district. It was one of the few neighborhoods spared from the fires that followed the catastrophic San Francisco earthquake of 1906.

The Haight was hit hard by the Depression, as was much of the city. Residents with enough money to spare left the declining and crowded neighborhood for greener pastures within the growing city limits, or newer, smaller suburban homes in the Bay Area. During the housing shortage of World War II, large single-family Victorians were divided into apartments to house workers. Others were converted into boarding homes for profit. By the 1950s, the Haight was a neighborhood in decline. Many buildings were left vacant after the war. Deferred maintenance also took its toll, and the exodus of middle class residents to newer suburbs continued to leave many units for rent.

In the 1950s, a freeway was proposed that would have run through the Panhandle, but due to a citizen freeway revolt it was cancelled in a series of battles that lasted until 1966.[4][5] The Haight Ashbury Neighborhood Council (HANC) was formed at the time of the 1959 revolt.[6] HANC is still active in the neighborhood as of 2008.[7]

The Haight-Ashbury’s elaborately detailed, 19th century multi-story wooden houses became a haven for hippies during the 1960s, due to the availability of cheap rooms and vacant properties for rent or sale in the district; property values had dropped in part because of the proposed freeway.[8] The bohemian subculture that subsequently flourished there took root, and to a great extent, has remained to this day.[9]

My Favorite thing to visit on Haight Street is a store called TRUE….. If your ever on that street please be sure to visit True and True sole

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gotta love our 594 Vandals only Jacket in the window

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Also took a trip to Ocean Beach

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Thank you SF for a great day!!

By KID594

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