Ridin’ Dirty

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So heres a story and a half… one night we saw ┬ásome crazy lookin guy riding a bike and carrying another bike on his back…. I was like WTF!!! and said YO!!!!, Wanna sell a bike??, He was like wasnt on planning on it but, SURE!!!! ┬áSo 2 minutes and 60 bucks later i gotta beat up ass bike..LOL… So S.T.F. took that shit apart and I decided to go to town on this Frame with some Ironlak…. So 4 hours later (AKA 4am), Finally finished, woke up at 8am and dropped the frame off to my boy Neal so he can clear it…And heres the outcome:

IMAG1008 Ridin Dirty

IMAG1009 Ridin Dirty

IMAG1007 Ridin Dirty

IMAG1010 Ridin Dirty

IMAG1012 Ridin Dirty

IMAG1013 Ridin Dirty

IMAG1014 Ridin Dirty

Special thanks to Neal, Samar/STF, and that random guy!!!!!


BY KID 594

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