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Got a chance to visit the hommies @1AM and see some artwork and peep their inventory in paint…. Great place to visit…. Great Art and Art Supplies….

IMAG0506 1024x612 1AM SF

IMAG0507 612x1024 1AM SF

GooD Times!!

IMAG0508 1024x612 1AM SF

A Dream come true… Montana, Krink, Tips and Writing Utencils!!!

IMAG0510 1024x612 1AM SF

IMAG0512 612x1024 1AM SF

IMAG0509 612x1024 1AM SF

There goes that Damn Sticker again.

IMAG0511 1024x612 1AM SF

Graff Books to 1AM and Rime Tees

IMAG0513 1024x612 1AM SF

“Fast Forward”

1AM and curator, Mike Tyau, are pleased to present “Fast Forward”, a group exhibition that captures the progressive evolution of spray can art.  The collection includes works from Suiko from Japan, Sueme from Canada, Jaybo from Germany, and Poesia, Robz, and Bam from the Bay Area.  The show runs from September 23rd through October 30th.

IMAG0514 1024x612 1AM SFIn the past year, 1AM has showcased graffiti’s roots with the exhibition “The Classics” and present form with “Outside In”.  ”Fast Forward” is a journey into the future and an imagining of what graffiti as an art form can and will be. Immersed in the experimental, this exhibition aims to excite and surprise fans, artists, and collectors, alike, of the controversial medium’s progression.  With the advancement of tools and technology, graffiti has been breaking down walls and pushing boundaries.  The evolution is melding the old with the new school as well as fusing graffiti with fine art.  Whether you love it or hate it, the movement is growing and graffiti is here to stay.



IMAG0516 1024x612 1AM SF

IMAG0518 1024x612 1AM SF

IMAG0519 612x1024 1AM SF

If your in the area pass by……You cant miss the building….

IMAG0524 1024x612 1AM SF

IMAG0523 1024x612 1AM SF

KID 594


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