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Ahhh What a beautiful day to go on the SF Roof Tops…. Most people go on roof tops to relax, Sight See, Some BBQ and some Do Art…. Well Josh and I were up there thinkin of some special projects that we might be doin… Your just gonna have to wait and see…. Great view [...]

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Light em UP!!!!

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Light Graffiti is truly the urban art of the tech generation.  While the technique dates back to time of Pablo Picasso, it’s tools continue to advance and evolve.  The Halo Light Graffiti Spray Can is the latest of these, a light painting tool reminiscent of a classic spray can.  This glass tube encloses a lighting system [...]

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Ended up back in the East Bay... And Somebody tried to sell me a Fixie for 800 bucks!!! Anybody interested...

Stop Trippin!!!!

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Saw the Hommie Jern and Hook us up with some CDs… So with every 594 order, you will get a free copy…. Thanks Hommie!! KID 594  

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Ahhhhh.. Remember Jolt!!!! fuck an energy drink!!! This will get you goin!!

Trippin Day 3 – 4

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  KID 594    

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Good Morning!!!!!

Trippin Day 2 – 3

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Food was good but to Pricey….. KID 594                        

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Sunrise or sunset? you decide?

Trippin day 1-2

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On the road again… I just cant wait to again on the road again……  I do love what we do… sometimes… In a nut shell heres what somewhat happened…. To be Continued…..

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Battle Anybody!!!

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The Estria Foundation Mission The Estria Foundation shifts the social consciousness on critical human and environmental issues through education, art projects and community events around the globe. The Foundation The Estria Foundation (TEF) is a non-profit organization working to create social change through the creation of art. TEF was founded by Estria Miyashiro and Jeremy [...]

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Vogue is a pioneer of Bay Area Graffiti and a truly talented artist. You are one of the few people that can use aerosol in fine art, on relatively small canvas and make beautiful detailed art.  Any comment on your choice to stick with that medium in your fine art career? “I think that I [...]

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Graffiti on Girls

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Good Morning world….. Call me weirdo but every once in a while i like to do random google searches of 594, 594apparel, etc…. You get the picture…. Speaking of pictures, Check out whats  on ,this website is pure genius…. If you love women and graffiti this is the website for you…   Heres some random [...]

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You wanted decals so, we listen.... Here are some 4x7 die cuts... Click the picture to order!!!... Thanks for the request.


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