Stop Trippin!!!!

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IMAG0481 1024x612 Stop Trippin!!!!

Ended up back in the East Bay... And Somebody tried to sell me a Fixie for 800 bucks!!! Anybody interested...

IMAG0485 612x1024 Stop Trippin!!!!

Saw the Hommie Jern and Hook us up with some CDs… So with every 594 order, you will get a free copy…. Thanks Hommie!!

IMAG0486 1024x612 Stop Trippin!!!!

Love that sticker..... Check out the hommie with stash in his hand..... He was giving out free samples of money!!!

IMAG0482 612x1024 Stop Trippin!!!!

And Heres my last photo from our trip!!!!!!! Miso Salmon.... I hate Traveling.... LOL Thanks 594!!!!

KID 594


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