Santa Monica….

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Santa Monica…. A place for Shopping,Drinking,Shopping,and More Drinking…..

 Santa Monica....

Downtown is the heart of this beach community, which is situated on the bluffs overlooking Santa Monica Bay.

Anchored by the pedestrian-friendly Third Street Promenade, Downtown is
30 city blocks of retail stores, entertainment and dining. Within blocks of the Promenade are the beach, Palisades Park and Santa Monica Pier.

 Santa Monica....

For many the single greatest reason to visit Santa Monica is to enjoy the ultimate Southern California beach.

Santa Monica has 3.5 miles (5.6 km) of well-maintained California beach locations and enjoys on average 340 days of sunshine a year plus a nearly constant gentle ocean breeze. Cycling, movie shoots, beach volleyball games, and the finest of people-watching all happen here, and it’s no wonder. People love to gather at thisCalifornia beach, partially because it is so pristine.

 Santa Monica....

…….And Back to the Hundreds to party…..

IMGP1823 300x199 Santa Monica....

IMGP1820 300x199 Santa Monica....


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