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So, last friday there was this HUGE release on some Nike Galaxy Foamposites, and the buzz traveled world wide…….

nike air foamposite quotgalaxyquot camp outs begin 01 Out of this world

What came as a surprise to many, the December 2011 Retro release of the Jordan 11 “Concord” resulted in a rare breakout of riots across nationwide retailers. Somewhat surprising given the current state of footwear culture, the hype had seemingly developed a renewed energy despite the pair’s relatively wide distribution map. In a similar fashion, this weekend’s upcoming Nike Air Foamposite One “Galaxy” release has sparked a string of camp outs across various cities, some upwards of one to two weeks in advance of the pair’s actual drop on February 24. The Air Foamposite One – a shoe that is arguably one of the most recognizable silhouettes within Nike’s rich basketball archives – has seen a range of Retro releases and colorway iterations over the past few years. Yet, while the hype surrounding these past releases was somewhat notable, it is safe to say that the latest “Galaxy” anticipation has garnered the most mainstream attention and discussion. If memory serves, the last time a sneaker camp out in excess of 7-10 days was seen was on behalf of the highly regarded Nike Air Yeezy – a shoe that was not only a namesake to Ye himself, but also was also a completely original silhouette designed under his direction. Not to mention the pair’s availability was more limited. So, what do you think about the recent “Galaxy” camp outs and do you think that the hype is merited? Will you be picking up (or trying to) a pair on release day. Let the games begin…

footlockerline21 Out of this world

What some are calling the “most anticipated Nike releases to date,” the release of Nike’s Galaxy Foamposite shoes did not disappoint, at least on an entertainment front. Yes, it the enjoyment was coupled with a tinge of sadness as you watch a nation of youngsters do everything short of selling their souls, all to own a piece of Nike’s sole.

Bad puns aside, the anticipation for Nike’s $220 is so high, folks in Orlando started acting unruly, causing the city to send out riot geared police units. While there were no reports of arrests or shootings in the Orlando area (thank goodness for small miracles)

nike air foamposite one galaxy shoes release riots 09 Out of this world

Ahhhhhh.. the things that people do for a pair of shoes…. I know nothing about that… “Dont Sell your Sole to Nike” LOL

-But I will admit thats a BAD A$$ shoe!!!


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