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IMGP5123 Makin Pills @Famous Four Colors

Last Friday, Famous Four Colors does it again with their opening night.. We were able to peep the scene before they opened the gallery to the public….

IMGP5126 Makin Pills @Famous Four Colors

IMGP5130 Makin Pills @Famous Four Colors

IMGP5131 Makin Pills @Famous Four Colors


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Meet Ulysses Pizarro...

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Inga Guzyte


On July 21st the year of 1984, the magic stars in the sky said: “Crazy girl you’re late, open your eyes and say buenos Diaz to this wonderful world!” , and so I did. I opened my eyes right after a clap on my baby but, introduced myself as Inga Guzyte and took off into this crazy little world, Lithuania. Two years after me, my brother Linas followed, who knew he would become a carpenter later on. The time ran faster, I kept on discovering the world as I was playing games with my cousins, saving potatoes from potato bugs and sitting on big stacks of hey. Despite the careless childhood 11 years later Lithuania got too small and my little family of one brother and a single mother moved to a new and bigger/crazier world with lots of unknown words. We moved to Germany. I felt quite intimidated and shy in this big world, but exciting things kept happening to me. Wooden machines with wheels, looked like skateboards to me, were making the every day life more and more fun. Lots of unsaid words were unleashed on white paper taking the form of little funny monsters. And so the world kept spinning, the little funny monster characters kept following me,playing with me even after my High School graduation.




Jeremy Ehling


I create landscapes in a variety of media, based upon collages built-up from found materials. As a starting point, I read science fiction stories and imagine what these otherworldly places might look like. Then using ubiquitous materials such as photographs, packaging, tree bark, trash, stationery, etc., I create a collage which will become the basis for a mural, drawing, or installation. Within this self-imposed structure I find wormholes, to wiggle through, to explore.Currently i have been compelled to paint on creek tunnels and retaining walls introducing alien topography to the natural landscape, something like science fiction meets truth.




Joe Corcoran


Joe takes leather engraving to a whole new level and does everything the old fashioned way, by hand. Breathing new and fresh air into a classic and iconic craft, as only he can.




Metal Man Ed


Ed as his name describes specializes in fabricating metal sculptures, many of which are graffiti influenced. In theCraft Works Show you will see various metal works including, sculpture, signs and much more. If you have an idea for a custom project Metal Man is the go to guy. He has shown at a wide variety of venues and is most known for rendering a Jordan IV sneaker out of steel and fabricating the iconic Tuff City Trains.




Ulysses Pizarro


Ulysses Pizarro is both originally from and currently based out of Brooklyn, New York.  His work is largely mixed-media and can be anything from sculpture to painting to anything inbetween.  There’s always sure to be a surprise.  With a prolific range of styles, his work cannot simply be described as one type. Ulysses’ work can be characterized as blissfully smooth one day or gritty and raw the next.  A Pizarro painting can evoke a simple mood, and his sculptures can inspire modern philosophy.  One thing that may be certain is that his daring and inventive nature will always have his art on the edge of it’s seat.









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