Lords vs. CoBraS

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Project One Gallery Presents “LORDS vs. CoBraS”

CBSfront043652 Lords vs. CoBraS

April 22nd – May 15th, 2011
Opening reception: Friday, April 22nd 7pm-late. 21+

A graffiti inspired art show, highlighting two inspirational and driven graffiti crews from San Francisco/Bay Area and Los Angeles. Both have come together to bring us a diverse array of art, representing urban graffiti styles, as well as their exceptional talents, other than landscapes and murals.

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“Doggie Diner” By Robert Bowen (part of LORDS vs COBRAS at Project One Gallery)

LORDS Production Crew has been operating in San Francisco for almost two decades, manipulating the stark walls of the urban landscape to make the wasteland a tad more livable for those of us lucky enough to notice and appreciate their nocturnal artwork. For example, the wall across from Amoeba Records on Haight is one of their collaborative murals, generally referred to as “productions” in graffiti lingo. LORDS members have been featured in the documentary ‘Piece By Piece’ (chronicling 20 years of SF graffiti), as well as the independent feature film ‘Quality of Life’ (a fictional drama about SF graffiti writers).
C.B.S. (CoBraS) crew based out of Los Angeles is of the most influential and recognizable graffiti crews to come out of United States. Since the early 1980’s C.B.S. has been at the forefront of evolving graffiti art into a true and viable medium. Over two decades members have come and gone but a strong nucleus bonded by the three letters; have allowed for the consistency and the standard of art that is branded by C.B.S. Whether C.B.S. stands for Can’t Be Stopped, Clear Blue Skies, Creeping Behind Shadows, Created Before Sunrise; the philosophy of what it means to be a member is consistent: to represent all of the aspects of true L.A. based graffiti art.

 Lords vs. CoBraS

“Bat Boy” By Robert Bowen (part of LORDS vs COBRAS at Project One Gallery)

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“Untitled” By Ricky Watts (part of LORDS vs COBRAS at Project One Gallery)

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Mural by Axis

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“Lord Satyr” by Satyr (part of LORDS vs COBRAS at Project One Gallery)

SpringChicken 1052533 Lords vs. CoBraS

Spring Chicken by Marcos LaFarga  (part of LORDS vs COBRAS at Project One Gallery)

 Lords vs. CoBraS

LORDS mural in Bolinas

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