Local Label Faire

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The Local Label Faire is a vendor show for locals who are building independent brands, creating collections, or designing goods in our lovely Bay Area. It’s meant to showcase small business, independent labels and maker’s collections to the public.

The Faire is set to run alongside A Moveable Feast. A Moveable Feast is a premier food truck festival serving the San Francisco Bay Area. The Local Label Faire operates in an adjacent building alongside A Movable Feast.

IMGP3142 300x191 Local Label Faire


IMGP3143 300x199 Local Label Faire

The Moveable feast drew a humungous amount of people….It took me 45 min. to get my food…

IMGP3145 300x199 Local Label Faire

IMGP3154 199x300 Local Label Faire

IMGP3141 300x212 Local Label Faire

IMGP3160 300x218 Local Label Faire

The Hommies from Social Villians


I’ll have more pictures later…..

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  1. King says:
    Thursday, July 14, 2011 at 10:03pm

    Thanks for the love with the pictures, really feeling your art and especially the cut and sew jackets. The event had good vibes, hopefully we will see you guys at more events. HANDLE!


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