Blubber color Las Vegas 2011

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vegas aerosol art 194x300 Blubber color Las Vegas 2011

blubber colors las vegas pitch control 194x300 Blubber color Las Vegas 2011

The Art Factory in Las Vegas becomes the centerfold of creativity on March 4th -7th 2011 as over 40 of America’s top aerosol artist collide during an amazing three day gathering showcasing both their musical and visual talents. The list of artist include vyal, mear one, doc, mr. wiggles, doves, cycle, mark bode, sye, phade, fax, aciex, konk, goshe, kopey, patime, rome, k2, quake, jenks, aise born, topr, bee255, ben1, deph, hate, chef, haste, nicnak, esel, tyer, dytch, aero, chew, kier, big, slej, luz, sphere, del, artifacts, topr, tc islam, phoenix orion, bukue one, substance abuse, foulmouth and more.

You heard it here first POP2 and Blubber Colors seeing is believing lets continue to keep art alive in our communities.

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