Battle Anybody!!!

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The Estria Foundation


The Estria Foundation shifts the social consciousness on critical human and environmental issues through education, art projects and community events around the globe.

The Foundation

The Estria Foundation (TEF) is a non-profit organization working to create social change through the creation of art. TEF was founded by Estria Miyashiro and Jeremy LaTrasse in 2010. It is dedicated to creating lasting systemic social change by empowering local communities to work collectively and participate in our global network. We work towards a society that places value on people and the environment above the accumulation of wealth.

The Hommie Estria does it again!!!!

Sunday was the Finals for the ESTRIA BATLLE Here are some pics from the day!!!!

IMGP50291 645x1024 Battle Anybody!!!

IMGP50311 685x1024 Battle Anybody!!!

IMGP50361 1024x680 Battle Anybody!!!

Proud was the word for the day

IMGP50371 1024x739 Battle Anybody!!!

Camer waste no time!!!!!

IMGP50411 680x1024 Battle Anybody!!!

Returning Champ Vyal!!!

IMGP5045 1024x505 Battle Anybody!!!

The 594 Booth!!!

IMGP5049 827x1024 Battle Anybody!!!

Black Book competition!!!

IMGP5052 1024x539 Battle Anybody!!!

Vogue 2011

IMGP5056 1024x680 Battle Anybody!!!

Rime being interviewed.... For their BLOG.....

IMGP5057 1024x680 Battle Anybody!!!

City Made.....

IMGP5059 1024x858 Battle Anybody!!!


IMGP5061 1024x807 Battle Anybody!!!

Lords of the Jungle

IMGP5064 1024x568 Battle Anybody!!!

The Judges!!!

IMGP5065 1024x680 Battle Anybody!!!

LOS RAKAS... Always supporting the TOWN....

IMGP5069 1024x680 Battle Anybody!!!


Always a great time at the Estria Battle!!!! See yall at the next battle!!!

More pics to come..


KID 594


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