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Happy Vandaltimes!!!

Posted on 02/14/12 No Comments

Ahhhhh, do you feel the anti love in the air… I love/hate this day…. Not because I dont have a valentine…. I just think its a stupid Hallmark holiday… A day of spending money on dinner,candy,movie and if your lucky a hotel. If anything, you should be doing all that on the first/second date or [...]

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Hello my name is

Posted on 12/16/11 No Comments

….Greetings, Salutations,Hey, Whats up?, Hola, HELLO!!!! – The hello my name is / 594sticker collabo is now available…. This 4 inch sticker is great for letting others know who you are (594Style)…. Whether you decide to stick on shirt, laptop, turn tables, or a stop sign…… ENJOY!!!!     Order Here Happy Sticking!!!!     [...]

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More Stickers……..

Posted on 12/09/11 No Comments

So here at 594, we believe that we could never have enough stickers…. Heres a sticker pack that you need to add to your collection…. Heres the latest and newest 594 sticker pack…. comes with 9 die-cut stickers…. your gonna love it….. Enjoy FOR MORE INFO CLICK        

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What is 594?

Posted on 11/29/11 No Comments

Damn those stickers……most people say….”I see them every where”….What is 594?….. Well here it is… a Tee that explains it all… Black or Red tee w/white print… Hoodie is also available. Shop now      

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594Crew Now Available

Posted on 11/07/11 No Comments

      For Some apparent reason the infamous red rectangle has always been a staple logo for most brands…. So we decided to do it with a 594 spin to it…. 594 introduces 594Crew…. now available   Order now….              

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Creating 594 Crew

Posted on 11/07/11 No Comments

The Hommie Scarce came up with a dope ass piece for everybody that is/wants/will be part of the 594CREW…. Here the steps from paper to cotton… Welcome to the crew…. KID594  

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Killer on the Loose

Posted on 09/02/11 3 Comments

Alright, we got a lot of emails/questions about this tee within the last few days…. e.g. Can I order it early? Will it be on your online store or do I have to visit one of your retailers? What color T will be printed on? ETC………. Well folks… Here it is is!!!, A day early!, [...]

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How to Kill a Teddy Bear

Posted on 08/31/11 No Comments

Hello Folks!!! Our Artist Seamo is killin it again!!!! We will be droppin the new graphic By: Seamo called “Dead Teddy” set to release this Saturday Sept 3 2011 We would like to share some simple steps on how to KILL A TOY!!!, ┬áSeamo/594 STYLE!!!       TO BE CONTINUED……     KID 594 [...]

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Be A Member!!!

Posted on 08/10/11 No Comments

      On Sale for $30. Get em till its gone! +Free Shipping

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