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Barry with a TWIST

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McGee graduated from El Camino High School in South San Francisco, California. He later graduated from the San Francisco Art Institute in 1991 with a concentration in painting and printmaking. McGee rose out of the Mission School art movement and graffiti boom in the San Francisco Bay Area during the early nineties. His work draws heavily from a pessimistic view of the urbanexperience, which he describes as, [...]

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Red Bull presents: KING of the ROCK

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the unique one-on-one basketball tournament on ‘The Rock’ goes international with competitors from all over the world vying to qualify for the grand final on Alcatraz Island… Heres what you missed!!!! For 29 long years, more than 1,500 men dreamed of nothing but getting off of Alcatraz. But this year, hundreds will try their hardest [...]

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Endless Canvas

Posted on 09/09/12 1 Comment

What happens when you mix an abandon 3 story building with 40+ street artist?   KID594  

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A Special Delivery!!!!!

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Location: The carbon Warehouse, 1350 4th St. Brekeley Ca 6pm – midnight Saturday ARTISTS: Swampy (IT) Pemex (LOL) Optimist (DE) GATS (PTV) Jurne Nesta (Outsiders) Roar (CBS) Ras Terms (BDS) Del Phresh (BSK) Anemal (AOD) Dead Eyes (BDS) Logo (640) Broke One (PTV) Plant Trees (DE)Goser (EMT) Quake (Lords) Coyote Feral Child Jules Muck Just Becauz Bely Kava (TFN) UpFuk Attica Ernest Doty Nina (STM) Cuss Bella Ciao (PTV) Welsed (UM) BVRS Jaut Cares [...]

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93 till…………..

Posted on 09/05/12 1 Comment

Labor day AKA Hiero day was off the hook!!!!! if you missed this epic event heres some pics!!!!!     KID594

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