Dream!!!, but dont sleep!!

Piece Finder

Posted on 08/15/12 1 Comment

Gotta Love just cruising thru random neighborhoods and accidentally running into a outside art gallery!!!   KID594

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on a MISSION!!!!

Posted on 07/26/12 No Comments

If your ever on Mission St. in SF go by and visit the good folks at ARTILLERY, they have a great assortment of exclusive threads and artwork…   KID594

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Attn SneakerHeads!!!

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Neighborhood Painting

Posted on 07/22/12 1 Comment

Meet BWSR!!!!! Our buddy Neal hit us up and was like…”YO!!!, can someone paint my driveway?” I replied with “Hell Yea!!!!” To see the end result visit instagram: @Kid594 @unitecreateinspirevc   KID594

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Peep The New E40 ft. Cousin Fik

Posted on 07/07/12 No Comments

      KID 594

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Enjoy your day off with friends and beer!!!!!

Metro X 594 X Beer X 4th of July

Posted on 07/05/12 No Comments

So, what happens when you take Joel from Metro and blend his ideas with the crew from 594 and then mixed that with a bunch of beer and top it off with the folks from DLXSF on a 4th of July……. WATCH AND FIND OUT!!!  

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West Coast Kicks

Posted on 07/04/12 No Comments

This Past Sunday The West Coast Kicks Group threw an event where Sneaker Heads can meet and sell or trade their private stock… Since I somewhat like shoes I thought the crew and I should check it out!!!! Heres what we saw!      

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True is Back!!!

Posted on 07/04/12 No Comments

This Past Saturday we got to see the preview of the newly remodeled TRUE.SF, as some of you might know last winter their store was caught on fire…. ┬áBut, now THEIR BACK!!!!!!!     KID 594

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The Happiest Place on Earth!!!

Posted on 06/27/12 No Comments

No Not DisneyLand…… Its PRIDE! in SF   KID 594  

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F!!!!!!!!!U!!!!!!!!!!!&the rest….

Posted on 06/11/12 No Comments

we love F.ree stuff F.rom F.riends & F.amily!!! the hommies F.rom the F.word hook us up with this dope wooden knuckles!!! I’ve had the honor to see this brand grow into something amazing!!!! don’t sleep on this brand! Visit them @ftherest.com  

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